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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sooperman vs. Ironing Man

I was having a conversation with a few of my sons last night and we were talking about being a teenager and all the things come at teenagers during those years.  When I talk to my children about anything, I always stress the importance of realizing their divinity.  This conversation was no different.

The biggest issue, I noticed, was that of the 'distraction' of girls.  I explained that your body is going through a war sparked by your hormones and this fights your divinity constantly.  The best defense is to keep your head focused on developing yourself spiritually and financially.  What happens is that when our hormones take over (with the help of society, the media, etc.) all we can truly focus on is our connection with the fairer sex.  This consumes us through our teen years and in many cases through our early and later twenties as well.

What this leaves is for us to stumble through young adult life trying to 'figure things out' and actually retards our growth.  So, when we turn forty and are physically at the stage in life when we can truly enjoy life, we are backtracking, trying to still get things right (going to school, starting new jobs, relocating, etc.)

During our twenties, we have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy ourselves as young adults but we are either in school (having reckless, teenage fun) or jumping from relationship to relationship because we can't control our hormones.  This isn't for EVERY one but far too many of us go through this familiar cycle.  What we miss is the fact that TRUE enjoyment deals with new life experiences that help expand our consciousness so that we don't allow ourselves to be pigeon-holed into a one sided view on life.  This has us ending up having to see psychiatrists, counselors and the like because we just can't "figure life out".

Back to my original point:  I titled this blog Sooperman vs. Ironing Man (spelled appropriately to avoid any copyright problems :-)) because as I talked to my sons, I gave them an analogy.  The analogy was simple and I'll probably do a video blog to explain it in more detail.

I asked them a simple question: Are you a Sooperman or are you an Ironing Man?  When they looked at me strange, I simple stated, "A Sooperman is a Supreme Being, who is supernatural among mortals and an Ironing Man is a mortal who utilizes concepts of mortalilty to make himself (or herself) look super.  After a few more minutes of explanation, they got it.  I ended with saying, always be a Sooperman because that is what you are by birth.

What do you think I meant by that?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kayti turned 7

My Kayti turned 7 on Friday, December 16, 2011.  We had a nice little get together and she had a ball.  Nintendo Wii Sports and Michael Jackson Experience ended the evening.

Kayti almost didn't make it to her birthday though.  She got in trouble on Thursday and got put on room arrest for most of the day.  I was more disappointed than angry but I let her make it up to me with good behavior.  She has an unimaginable source of energy that we are working feverishly to try and properly guide so that it becomes positive.

All in all, we had a pretty good time.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Disciplining Daddies...

Do you think there should be standards as to how a father disciplines his children?

Do you think that how a father disciplines his son should be different from how he disciplines his daughter?

What is the difference between disciplining your children and abusing them?

Has society skewed the concept of discipline so much that most parents (especially fathers) are at a loss as to how to discipline their children at all?

What is disciplining a child and when is it necessary?

I have a viewpoint on all of the above...

what say YOU?

Are There Any Real Fathers Left?

There are hundreds of blogs online about child care, child birth, child rearing and any other subjects about children.  These sites and blogs have an unlimited amount of information that can be very helpful in this sometimes daunting school for parents.  One of the things that I have noticed is that most of these sites are from the mother's perspective.

Nothing is wrong with a Mother's perspective at all.  It is very agreeable and most times detrimental to the truth seeker to take the advice of a mother in reference to her children.  Generally, it is she who will have been in "the trenches" with her babies and will have more insight as to how to "make it" when it comes to bringing up the little ones.

However, you can't discount the Father's perspective.  While society and the media haven't been to flattering about male roles in our children's lives, there are a very large number of fathers who are excellent examples and their wisdom is paramount to a complete and loving household for the next generation that will represent us, the future and the planet one day.

I would like to put these fathers on a pedestal for a minute.  I would like to share the insight that these fathers may have to offer and with that, hopefully, offer some assistance to the many parents out there who are struggling through those first years with that new life (or lives).

Stay tuned for more blogs and information about the struggles and joys of raising children...

From a Father's Perspective!
Me and my students

Saturday, November 5, 2011

This blog will follow Kayti and Aker as they represent KaLu from a lighter perspective...enjoy